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6 Reasons to Mentor Someone Age 18 and Under

Mentoring youths, 18 and younger, may seem frustrating and at times, pointless. During these stages of development, those being mentored are not likely to express their emotions well, if at all. Consequently, those doing the mentoring might not realize what a profound impact they are having. Rest assured, however, mentoring someone age 18 and under…

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Facing Giants with Confidence

Ok. So I heard a song for the first time on the radio recently. It reminded me how life has changed for me over time. A phrase in the song – “facing giants with confidence” – sent me thinking back on the way I used to think. I once would have said, (I was) “chasing…

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What Makes a Hero a Hero?

There are war heroes, there are church heroes. There are Biblical heroes, there are superheroes. There are tragic heroes, and there are anti-heroes. And still many other types of heroes that would be worthy of mention. Let’s look at the most common types of hero: The war hero is the extraordinary veteran who has stepped…

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The Power is at The Source

Consider a teen looking to solve a problem with relationships. Think about a business person looking to climb to the next level of the corporate ladder. Unable to succeed, they both need help finding the source of their inability to reach their goal. There are many aspects to being a Mentor, but finding that source…

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What if I didn’t?

Back in 1967, a song was released by a group called Buffalo Springfield. It was a great song in its time and certainly relevant in the American society that existed back in the day. I’m not going to rehash the entire song, but one line came to my mind as I was listening to a…

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Mentors stand together

I know a boy that was a bit of a problem child growing up. He was not hateful or mean; he just was over-the-top emotional and wasn’t afraid to show it. In Preschool, all went pretty well. His dad spoke to the half-day Kindergarten teacher a few times and they kept things running smoothly –…

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