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Child Mentors see Failure as Opportunity

In your best attempt to be a mentor, do you see ever failure as simply an unsuccessful attempt at something? Something that you had a lot of hope for, or an event that does not accomplish its intended purpose? If you think about it, all of us experience failures, large and small, to some degree in our…

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The Child Mentor with an Attitude of Gratitude

Volunteering in children’s ministries over the last 30 years has helped me learn a tremendous amount about myself. I presently work part-time at the second-most awesome place on the planet. (Home is the most awesome place, of course). It is filled with love and some of the most incredible people I know. Made up of less than 5% staff, 15% teens and 20-somethings, another…

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Together after all these years

What is October 18, 2018? Now I know that a whole lot of you out there in the blogosphere are saying to yourself right now, “Hmmm, October 18, 2018. Day doesn’t ring of anything special.” But at least two of us see it differently. October 18 will be the 31st anniversary of our first date – my…

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